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Local Business Directories

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List in one of 100+ Categories with correct & personalised contact information for a very low Annual Fee

Local Restaurants, Pubs & Clubs

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A Very Visual Listing show casing some of your Menu items to attract Hungry Locals

Local Accommodation

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A Very Visual Listing specific to your Accommodation type with no booking fees and Location to your door!

App Features & Benefits

Local Events

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Local Fun

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List your Business to Attract Locals with your Fun offerings and Location directly to your door!

Monthly Specials

Special Offer Small.png

List and show case your Monthly Specials to attract more Local sales.

List Your Events to inform Locals and increase the turnout!

Local Competitions


Property Listings

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Push Notifications

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Offer the Locals a Prize, we'll Run the competition for you and you'll get great exposure!

List your Properties with Pricing,Location and Show house times!

We Mention a Local Business Daily as Local of the Day, you can Push on any Specials or Events you have

Local Charity

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We Donate R50 per Listing to one of our Listed Local Charities

Public Transportation

Tramsportation Small.png

Links to the main Safest Public Transport in your Area.

Local Weather


View the Local Weather

Local Emergency Contacts

Emergency Small.png

A list of all of the relevant Emergency Contacts for you Local Area

More to come....

Local Radio Stations

Local Radio Small.png

Listen to your Local Radio Station even when you're out of Range

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