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Welcome to

Laundry Today


Laundry Today is your local one stop shop for all your laundry & dry-cleaning needs. Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff will take care of your every need. Great care is taken with your garments and your unmentionables are even packed separately in pretty paper.

So no matter whether you are a single, professional, an overloaded Mom or just need to save some time and space for yourself give us a call!

For Chefs clothing, Workshop attire, Restaurant Serviettes & Tablecloths or for any other heavily soiled materials we welcome enquiries


Our Services:

Laundry Today for Wash, Iron & Fold

There's always something special in getting your laundry back fresh, warm and fragrant..

Pick Up & Delivery Service

Please enquire about our convenient door to door laundry service!

Laundry Today- Drycleaning

Dry Cleaning of materials and items requiring specialised cleansing

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