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MCK Glass Works is dedicated to render excellent service at an affordable price.

We have over 20 year experience in the glass business and could advice you on any glass specification required.

Automotive Glass

Duration varies • Price varies


Building glass, mirrors, frame-less showers, glass repairs

30 minutes • Price varies•We repair or replace any glass


Chip repair

30 minutes • Price varies• Repair your windscreen before you have to replace


Windscreen replacement

3 hours • Price varies

We do the replacement of your windscreen. If you are insured, depending on the insurance company we may be able to load your claim for you.

Glass Repair or replacement

1 day 6 hours • Depending on size and type of glass required.

Repair or Replacement of any Building or Motor glass. We also offer chip repairs.


Automotive glass and Building glass

Duration varies • Price varies

Repair and replacement of Automotive and Building glass

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