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At Optima we aim to offer clients a FULL Freight Management Function. We encompass not only the traditional clearing & forwarding function, but also staff training, indent monitoring and procurement, as well as, in-house outsourced freight control, system design and implementation.

Our Philosophy:

Our core strategy is built around offering a unique value added, personal service to all our clients. Minimizing costs, whilst maximizing opportunity. In an industry that is completely service driven, it's frustrating to find a complete lack of quality service from many agents, carriers and forwarders. 

At OPTIMA INTERNATIONAL we provide a platform for importers and exporters alike, exploring various options available and providing a service that is tailor-made to suit our client's needs. Because we are a family owned business, our clients are always assured of attention to detail and quality services. OPTIMA INTERNATIONAL provides an holistic service to importers and exporters with no restrictions on capabilities. We take our client's business to heart and because our business model is built around working with only a handful of clients, our clients are assured of our attention and commitment 100% of the time. 

When dealing with our company, there is no "conveyor-belt syndrome" or "we feel like just a number". We are committed to providing you with the best service at all times.

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