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Welcome To

Phoenix Consulting and Staffing

The brainchild of Alisha Gossmann, Phoenix Consulting & Staffing (Pty) Ltd started as a recruitment platform, and has grown to be a generalist consulting company based in Cape Town, South Africa, covering a number of services across all industries.

Phoenix Consulting & Staffing takes pride in providing the highest levels of customer service. Our teams follow strict processes and procedures to ensure that we fully understand the specifications of every client request, the environment of every company, and the potential of every candidate. That way we can make informed decisions about training, development and placement.

These are some of our additional value-added services, which are designed to make life a bit easier for you:-

  • Catering

  • Events Management & Coordination

  • Compiling of CV’s

  • ID / Work Permit verification

  • Domestic & Commercial cleaning services

  • Security Training

  • Interview Training

  • Team-building

  • Human Resources

  • Specialist Training

Give us a call today, so we can see how we can help each-other.

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