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Segway Gliding Tours

Moses Mabhida Stadium - Durban

Come and experience Durban on a Segway! Bring your family and friends to the world-renowned Moses Mabhida Stadium. Glide effortlessly in and around the stadium, stopping for picture-perfect photo opportunities. Experience the majesty and sheer engineering genius of our Stadium. Or "Chase the Sun" down Durban's spectacular Golden Mile or glide to Ushaka Marine World, with plenty of stops along the way. This is the ideal way to experience Durban. Our fun filled guides will point out key sites and give you a few fun facts. Training is provided before all tours and is included in tour times. Bookings are essential!

Tours We Offer

45min Express Tour: Book Now! Having limited time? You can still experience a Segway Tour - this tour will take you either around the Stadium OR along the promenade and back. Buy Gift Voucher

60min Hour Beach or Blue Lagoon Glide: Book Now! Enjoy a tranquil glide along Durban's Golden Mile all the way to the Bay of Plenty or Blue Lagoon! Buy Gift Voucher

105min Stadium & Beach Glide: Book Now! Marvel the sheer engineering genius of the Moses Mabhida Stadium before serenely gliding to the Bay of Plenty for an almost complete Segway Experience. Buy Gift Voucher

75min Full Stadium Glide: Book Now! Effortlessly glide in and around the world famous Moses Mabhida Stadium, stopping for picture-perfect photo opportunities and perhaps watch as some brave soul takes on the B!G Rush jump. Buy Gift Voucher

120min Ushaka Glide: Book Now! Chase the sun along the Durban's Golden Mile all the way to Ushaka Marine World, with plenty of stops along the way for award winning photo opportunities, this is the ideal way of experiencing the hub bub of Durbanites. Buy Gift Voucher

Please note: All tours are weather dependent. All prices subject to change without notice.

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