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Integrity, Reliability, Professionalism

Welcome to Woodenscapes, we specialize in high-quality custom and standard wooden furniture and jungle gyms installations, repairs & more. Woodenscapes uses nothing but the finest pine wood to create all our beautiful designs. We strive on quality, reliability and professionalism.

Our amazing team has been working
together for over 25 years!  With their utmost dedication, each team member plays an important roll in completing every delivered or installed product. With our organized team, hard work & professionalism comes naturally.

We sell custom as well as standard wooden furniture such as Table and Bench Sets, Coffee Tables, Plasma Stands, Tressle Desks, Swing Benches and any wooden home decor.

Contact us for more information on our different wooden furniture and wooden home decor.

Monique Marais  

June 24 at 3:32 PM · 

What a wonderful team! Always keeping in contact, on time, friendly, neat work, smiling faces and great service! Can definitely recommend.

Simone Schellink 

December 20, 2017 · 

Beautiful smooth finished tables and benches, coffee tables, plasma stands, tressle desks!

Maryke De Villiers 

May 29, 2018 · 

A new Jungle Gym was installed today at our local Strandveld Pub and I have to commend the team on the great customer service. One week since I paid our deposit and the Jungle Gym has been put up. Thank you Simone & your team!

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